Children's PLUS MORE Consignment Sale
Fall-Winter September 23-27, 2022
Just follow these simple steps!
1.  Gather your supplies and items to sell

Camera phone, tablet, or camera

White paper and scissors or Avery 8163 labels


Safety Pins or tagging gun

Clear plastic bags to hold accessories, parts, or bundled clothing items.

2.  Create an account and register to sell at My Consignment Manager

You'll sign up for the sale, manage your inventory, and track sold items  at

3.  Enter each item and its photograph into our online inventory system

*When you enter an item into your MyCM account, it will be tranferred to the online store

*Choose the best, most specific category available for your item. This is where your item will show up in the online store. You want shoppers to be able to find it!

*Be as detailed as you can with your description - brand, size, description.

*Each item needs 1 photo.   We've compiled some helpful photo tricks and tips below!

*There is a minimum price of $2 - bundle small items together if needed. Check out the Pricing Guide below!

*Once you've locked your inventory, please do NOT cross post items elsewhere. You are committing to sell it at Kids Closet.

4.  Double check the quality and descriptions of your items to minimze returns

*Shoppers are able to return merchandise that does not meet our quality standards or if an item is mis-marked.

*Any items returned will be deducted from consignor settlement reports plus a 25% restocking fee.

5.  Prep your sold items as you go

*Sales will be posted each night so you can collect your sold items and get them ready to tag at the end of the sale (NO hangers please)

*All pieces and items must be securly bundled together - use tape, zip ties, or clear bags that are securely closed

*At the end of the sale, each consignor will be able to download a PDF with tags to attach to your sold items. These are not our regular MyCM tags - they have a special buyer code that will help us sort the items into appropriate orders.

*These tags can be printed on regular paper or Avery 8163 labels to then securly attach to your items.

6. Drop off ONLY the items you sold

*Be sure to reserve a Check In time in your MyCM account.

*Bring your SOLD items only to drop off.  We will check your items to ensure everything has been dropped off and is tagged properly.

*We'll make sure your items get to the person who bought them and you are paid!

*Ready to get those closets cleaned out for good?  Bring us any items that didn't sell and we will donate them to local families and agencies!

7. Get Paid!

*Payment is sent via mail one week after shopper pick up. Be sure that the address in your account is up to date in order to receive your payment!


Photo Tips and Tricks

No need to be a professional photographer, but good pictures are important and will help your items sell!
4.  You only get ONE picture per item, so make it a good one!

Portrait (tall) pictures are preferred. Double check that your image isn't blurrry or that a finger didn's sneak over the lens.


1.  All you need is your phone, iPad, or table
2. Find some good light

Shoot during daylight, pull back your blinds and turn off lamps. Or take the items outside on a nice day!

3.  Use a clean and simple background

A white posterboard or blank surface will ensure your item stands out.

5.  Shooting bundles?

Make sure all items can be seen.

Click below to see the full schedule of the sale

Ready to clean out and make some $$$?